Throughout April, Rock Choir Collective is teaming up with The Stress Management Society to offer FREE 20-minute daily singing sessions online, as part of Stress Awareness Month!

By taking just 20 minutes a day out of your normal routine to sing, you can boost your mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress, and improve productivity.

Throughout the Covid lockdown, Rock Choir’s ‘Keep Britain Singing’ campaign uplifted tens of thousands, proving the power of daily singing sessions. Now, we’re bringing that same energy to support Stress Awareness Month!

Join us Monday to Friday this month for short, fun singing sessions that’ll brighten your day and lift your spirits. Whether you’re at home or in the office, take a break and enjoy the many benefits of singing to both mental and physical wellbeing!

See how singing with Rock Choir can transform your workplace.

Click on the link below to visit our online videos, with a new sing-along session being added every weekday in April. These can also be rewatched at any time should you miss a session. Join us now, and let’s sing our stress away!

Stress Awareness Month
Rock Choir at the NEC


The Stress Management Society who are hosting Stress Awareness Month have many useful tips to help combat stress, in addition to singing. They are keen to highlight that even 20 minutes each day towards stress reduction can yield significant improvements in mental health over time, as it takes 30 days to turn actions into habits.

The Stress Management Society’s theme, #LittleByLittle , indicates the remarkable impact of small but consistent positive actions taken each day, which can have a profound long-term effect on overall wellbeing.

You can visit their website and find out more about their campaign here

Stress Management Society
Rock Choir Rehearsal
Workplace Choir